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Анна Маркс
How does your family decide who does various chores around the house?
- We share domestic tasks among family members equally. My parents often do
the shopping and laundry, and I take care of my room.

Do you have any childhood friendships that are still strong today?
-To be honest, I couldn’t maintain any childhood friendships. I think that it is
extremely hard to keep in touch with many friends at a time.

Should children help with the housework?
- I am convinced that it is parents’ responsibility to teach children do the housework. That
is why parents should gradually share domestic chores with their kids.

What kinds of housework is not appropriate for children to do?
- In my opinion, children should not do household chores that put them at risk. For
example, cooking can be dangerous for small kids because it involves working with fire.

Imagine that you are doing a project «Household chores» together with your friend. You have
found some illustrations and want to share the news. Leave a voice message to your friend. In 2.5
minutes be ready to tell the friend about the photos:

→ give a brief description of the photos (2 relevant details in each photo minimum)
→ say in what way the pictures are different (2 relevant details minimum)
→ explain why you have chosen these photos to illustrate the project «Household chores»
→ express your opinion on the subject of the project
→ suggest the next step in your work.
Hi, Kate. I’ve found two photos for our project and I’d like to discuss them with you.
Well, in the first picture we can see people who are doing the laundry with the help of the washing
machine. This photo depicts a father and a son who are doing household chores together. In the second
picture women are ironing clothes. They also assist each other in doing domestic tasks.
There are a few differences between photos and the most obvious one it that in the first picture a
person is putting clothes into the washing machine, while the second photo shows the process of doing
the ironing. Another important difference is that in the first photo it is a son who helps his father, while
in the second photo a person who helps is granddaughter.
You have received an email from your New Zealand pen-friend Ann who writes:

...We are going to visit Moscow in September and we’ve made some arrangements. What’s the weather
like then? I can’t make a decision what to wear. Do we need to bring our warm coats? My mum is a
baker, she makes cakes almost every day, but she rarely makes her bad and sous the laundry. What kind
of housework do Russians do mostly?
By the way, yesterday I bought the necessary vegetables and cooked Russian borsch. Thank you for the
recipe. Everyone liked it very much...

Write an email to Ann.
In your email answer her questions, ask 3 questions about her favourite food.
Write 100—140 words.
Remember the rules of letter writing.

Dear Ann,
Thanks for your e-mail. I was happy to receive it.
In your e-mail you asked my advice on what to bring with you to Russia. Well, it is very cold and rainy at
this time of the year. I highly recommend you to bring down jacket and other warm clothes. As for your
third question, Russians perform all kinds of domestic tasks as they can’t afford to hire a cleaning lady.
By the way, I’m glad that you used my recipe. What is your favourite food? What is it made of? Is it
That’s all for now. Drop me a line.
Best wishes,

Imagine that you are doing a project on how household chores are divided between genders. You
have collected some data on the subject (see the diagram below). Comment on the data in the
diagram and give your personal opinion on the subject of the project.
It is hard to deny that household chores are an inalienable part of our lives. In order to find
out how household chores are divided between genders, I have collected the data of the

Overall, such domestic chores as cleaning and cooking mostly lie on women. Another
important aspect of this graph is that housecleaning is primarily performed by females.

It is clear from the diagram that some chores are shared equally among genders. To be
exact, females and males have equal responsibilities in taking care of their children and
both, respectively, occupy 50%. As for the other domestic duties, cooking is mostly done
by women with about 60% of respondents voting for this.

According to the data, women are responsible for most of chores, and this means that
they have limited opportunities compared to men. Females have less time for self-
development and work, and it results in inequality on the labour market.

In conclusion, I want to state that it is unfair that the majority of housework is performed
by women as it leads to the fact that men have more free time and higher salaries. In my
opinion, it s advisable for Russian families to start sharing domestic responsibilities equally.

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